Delivery of Superior Technology Solutions from Concept to Customer Capability.

Pelican Defense Technologies is a fast-growing and innovative small business, based in Ruston, Louisiana. We leverage our strong ties to Academic Institutions, Defense Labs, National Labs, Private Companies, and Venture Capitalists, along with their entrepreneurial products. This enables development of our innovative yet practical cyber, materials, and micro- and nanotechnology solutions for our clients’ most challenging needs and problems.

We provide high-quality micro- and nanotechnology research; technology and prototype development, integration, and testing for the Department of Defense, intelligence agencies, other Government organizations, and corporate clients. Our ability to design, develop, fabricate, integrate, and test both components and systems makes us the continued choice for our clients.

Pelican Defense Technologies is an employee-owned company founded with the idea of providing an environment, a spin-out stock ownership plan, and a benefits package that attracts and helps retain talented and dedicated employees. We offer a commitment to achieve effective, innovative, and on-time solutions. Our location in a HUB Zone in Rural Louisiana emphasizes our commitment to diversity and prosperity for all demographics.